3-Sided Basket For 400mm~900mm Cabinet


Item No.: K6(S)PTJ008A(A1)

Dimension: D440xW364xH170(H203)mm

Cabinet Width: 400mm

Inside width of cabinet: 364mm

Item No.: K6(S)PTJ008B(B1)

Dimension: D440xW414xH170(H203)mm

Cabinet Width: 450mm

Inside width of cabinet: 414mm

Item No.: K6(S)PTJ008C(C1)

Dimension: D440xW464xH170(H203)mm

Cabinet Width: 500mm

Inside width of cabinet: 464mm

Item No.: K6(S)PTJ008D(D1)

Dimension: D440xW564xH170(H203)mm

Cabinet Width: 600mm

Inside width of cabinet: 564mm

Item No.: K6(S)PTJ008G(G1)

Dimension: D440xW864xH170(H203)mm

Cabinet Width: 900mm

Inside width of cabinet: 864mm

( Above item number: “S” means stainless steel, “1” means with plate soft-closing system).


Perfect for storaging any kinds of kitchen applicances, different sizes can be selected according to different cabinets.


The basket is made of high quality steel/ stainless steel with enviroment-friendly non-cyanide electroplating finishing, double nickel layers of plating to strengthen the anticorrosion capacity of the products.


Excellent slider makes it absolutely stable, smooth and quiet, 2 kinds of slider options to meet different market demands, common or soft-closing.


Any kinds of house aplicances, plates, bowls or cooking ingredients,dried fruits and spices.

Weight capacity:

Maximum loading capacity 30kgs.