Afterburner Elevator SK5PTJ018H


Item No: SK5PTJ018H-600

Dimension: D295xW(564~568)xH560mm

Cabinet Width: 600mm


Can use the upper space of the kitchen to the utmost, raise dimensional utilization rate, pull easily height is distance no longer. 4 levels of strength adjustment function, according to the weight of storage items in 0~12kgs to adjust the size of the pull.


The international most advanced mechanical lift products, patent number: ZI201420282319 free lifting, make full use of the upper space of the kitchen;


Different baskets could be choosen according to different storage requirement, such as: wire basket, flat iron basket, wooden basket or glass basket;


Snacks, cooking ingredients,dried fruits, spices, diary products,drinks and kitchenwares.

Weight capacity:

Maximum loading capacity 12kgs