Space Unit PTJ220C

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Item No: PTJ220C-300

Description: 5 layer/ 6 layer larder basket

Dimension: D500xW264xH(1850~2150)mm

Cabinet Width: 300mm


1) Basket options: Wire basket/flat iron basket/wooden basket;

2) Cyanide-free Environment-friendly products;

3) The unique linkage design brings out all the baskets at the same time of opening the door, which is convenient for storing and taking items;

4) Smooth and noiceless design.

5) The double-rail design changes the previous single-rail mode to enhance the load-bearing capacity of the product and keep the pull-out stable.

6) The heigh between the baskets can be adjusted freely

7) Recommended storage of items as snacks, cooking ingredients,dried fruits, spices, diary products,drinks and kitchenwares.

9) Weight capacity: 80kgs